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Our Clients

Julie, Prince George BC

"If all agencies were willing to be kind like Workforce and helpful as you and your associates, you might find a lot more successful people in the world, even people that are suffering, alone and feeling hopeless. I'm not talking about the giving out of money or work gear. Kindness and encouragement go a long way."

Tanicia, Prince George, BC

"It is by far my favorite thing I've done in school.  I have learned so much and grown as a person"

Kassandra, Kitimat BC

"The positive drive and energy they gave us was incredible.  Fun and Entertaining.

Marie, Lake Babine Nation

"Talk about a new way to have a great outlook on life!  This course has already lifted my spirit and confidence"

Rhoda, Prince Rupert BC

"I am now armed with a much deeper understanding and appreciation of the complexity of the environment, and the challenges we all face around it"

Bonita, Lone Butte BC

"I look back daily on how these people truly
affected my life in such a positive, confidence building personal caring way."

Tyanna, Mackenzie BC

"I feel like I can trust and be who  I am.  Overall, I actually feel like I finally see potential in ME!
"Everyone at Workforce Development Consulting went above and beyond the call of duty to accommodate my personal needs and assist me as an older worker to upgrade my skills and acquire certifications needed for a new career path"

Lisa, Fort St James BC

'The knowledge and skills they possess to help us get back into a working environment are endless."

Margaret, Prince George BC

Ray, Greenville BC

"This was the most understanding life skills course I have taken.  I see myself using the skills we learned everyday for the rest of my life"

Davis, Prince George BC

"Thanks again to everyone at WorkForce Development for helping me achieve the career in work that I want."

Jessica, Kitimat BC

"Not only do I have new tickets, but I also retained the infomation better than ever before, thanks to the unique and fun teaching tactics"

Success Stories

Lisa is a 55 year old female who was facing employment challenges caused by downturns in the forestry industry. When Lisa connected with WorkForce Development Consulting, she was living in Fort St. James, a small community nestled in the interior of BC. Lisa identified that she had an extensive background in firefighting, and had also worked in the forestry industry but had lost her employment when her community was impacted by mill closures. Lisa required itinerant services and regularly attended essential skills and employability skills workshops while participating in the development of her action
and training plans. Lisa also identified that her employment goals included not having to re-locate her family, and would prefer a job where she could work in a camp setting. Working with our team, Lisa was able to fully engage in all aspects of the program and benefitted from the flexibility afforded by one on one employment counselling and career decision making interventions. Lisa accessed training and employment connections that resulted in her successfully attaching to gainful, sustainable employment in a camp-based position in the Oil & Gas industry with SA Energy.
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