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At Workforce Development, we are committed to providing services that promise success. Whether you’re an employer looking for workers or a worker looking for employment, we are dedicated to helping you fulfill your goals. In addition to supporting workers, we strive to meet the needs of local and regional employers, both large and small. For over 25 years, Workforce Development has prided themselves on offering high quality services throughout Northern B C, including rural and remote communities.  WorkForce Development offers a wide range of consulting services to serve a variety of businesses and clients. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and what our team can do for you.

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In order to understand how we can best help you, we guide you through a number of assessments to determine your interests and skill levels. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Myers Briggs Personality Test

  • Employment Readiness Scale

  • General Aptitude Test Battery

  • Strong Interest Inventory

These assessments are not only helpful for us, they are also important for you to help  gain a better understanding of your own interests and skill levels.

Job Search Support

We work with you and potential employers to find suitable work that aligns with your needs and career dreams. 

This includes support in:

  • Resume and Cover Letter Development

  • Interviewing Skills

  • Access to employers

  • Job Placement

  • Job Market Research

This support is aimed to provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in future job search endeavors.

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Essential Skills Training

Having a grasp of essential skills is an important part of being successful in the workforce. Depending on your unique needs and skill levels, we will work with you to build up these essential skills.

Skills training includes, but is not limited to:

  • ​​Reading

  • Writing

  • Numeracy

  • Communication

  • Computer Skills

  • Critical Thinking


These are just examples of the essential skills training we provide. We customize our approach based on your personal needs, and guide you through skill tests, exercises, and assignments

Industry Training

We work closely with our employer and training networks to provide customized training specific to current labour market needs,  industry training demands, and client interests. The industry training we provide is comprehensive, engaging, and practical, with lots of hands on experience.


Training includes, but is not limited to:

  • ​​Pipeline Construction

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Industrial Site and Safety

  • Hospitality and Retail

Within each of these industries, various certificates and designations are required to successfully find work within them. We work with you and our network of employers and trainers to develop a practical and applicable training plan for you.

Industrial Engineer
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Vocational Rehabilitation


Workforce Development is a certified Vocational Rehabilitation service provider. Working with people who have varying disabilities, limitations, challenges, and multiple barriers to employment has been our specialty for over 25 years.

Our vocational rehabilitation program provides specific employment-related services designed to help injured workers gain, maintain, and improve skills that allow for a successful return to work. ​ If you are a person who is living with workplace injuries or other impairments, we work with you to overcome employment barriers, and assist you in making strategies to return to work.

The services offered within this program include:

 Vocational Interest and Aptitude Testing

Resume and Cover Letter Development

Job Search Support Services

Strong Interest Inventories

Job Placement Support

Career Interest Testing

And More

Customized Employment

Customized Employment was initially developed to assist differently abled individuals find employment in the early eighties. It has expanded, and has several programs now attached to it.

Instead of engaging in what is consider ‘competitive’ or ‘mainstream’ employment, we work with employers collaboratively to develop ‘Cooperative’ Employment. Cooperative employment allows all parties to design a role that suits you while accounting for your disabilities

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