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What is QUEST Plus?

The QUEST Plus program is specialized for youth ages 17-29.  This program helps move participants toward their industry employment goals, increases skills and confidence, and provides opportunities to secure ongoing job search supports and additional skills development.


Pre-Employment Skills set the foundation for further learning and help clients feel more confident about their ability to work on a team.

Topics covered in this phase include: 

  • Self-Esteem & Confidence

  • Communication

  • Thinking & Problem Solving

  • Researching Employers

  • Resumes

  • Job Search Support

  • Job Leads

  • Maintaining Employment


Industry Awareness Presentations

Career Planning

Industry and Trade-related Certifications


Essential Skills training

Financial Supports

Training Allowance

Work Gear


Our job developer will work one on one with you to support you with your job search and help connect you with employers in the industry

Topics covered in this phase include: 

  • Reaching out to employers

  • Finding and following up on job leads

  • Tailoring your resume to specific postings

  • Employer Expectations

  • Maintaining Employment

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